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Microsoft Excel Intermediate

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This course is for attendees who want to expand their knowledge of Microsoft Excel to work with larger spreadsheets, create formulas across multiple worksheets and workbooks, manage tables of data, and use advanced formatting techniques.


Attendees who wish to attend this course must have knowledge of Excel and feel comfortable with creating, formatting, and editing spreadsheets. They should be able to write formulas using multiplication, addition, subtraction, division and use the basic functions, sum, average, max, min and count.



On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Create formulas across multiple worksheets
  • Copy formats and values across multiple worksheets
  • Copy and link information across multiple workbooks
  • Manipulate text and use Text functions
  • Apply, edit, and delete conditional formatting
  • Create and modify data tables
  • Create sub totals and group & ungroup data


Introduction and Objectives


Working with Multiple Worksheets

  • Selecting multiple worksheets
  • Creating formulas across worksheets
  • Using grouped worksheets
  • Referencing cells across sheets
  • Hyperlinking between sheets


Using Multiple Workbooks (Files)

  • Opening, activating & tiling workbooks
  • Copying data between workbooks
  • Creating formulas across workbooks
  • Editing workbook links


Using Paste Special

  • Copying values & formulas between worksheets
  • Transpose a table


Working with Excel Data Tables

  • Converting existing data into a table
  • Using the ‘Quick Analysis button” to add totals to a table

Working with Outlines

  • Applying, expanding & collapsing an outline
  • Modifying and clearing outline
  • Using Auto Outline


Manipulating Text

  • Use Text to columns to split a single column of data into multiple columns
  • Using Text Functions(Upper, Lower, Proper, Trim, Left, Right and Concatenate)


Using Conditional Formatting

  • Applying a comparative conditional formatting rule
  • Managing conditional formatting rules (editing, formatting, and deleting)
  • Applying built-in data bars and colour scales to numeric data


 Creating Subtotals in a List

  • Creating subtotals for groups of data
  • Creating multiple subtotals
  • Copying visible data to a new worksheet
  • Removing subtotals


Hints and Tips

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Microsoft Excel Intermediate
Jun 19, 2024
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