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Microsoft Excel Introduction

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This Microsoft Excel Introduction course is aimed at attendees who want to learn how to use Microsoft Excel to carry out spreadsheet tasks, including writing formula sand functions, create charts and manage tables of data using filters. The course is suitable for either beginners or attendees with limited experience of the product.


No previous knowledge of Excel is required. Attendees must have experience,however, of using the Windows environment to launch programs, access, save, open and close files.


On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Create,edit, and format spreadsheets
  • Insert / delete / hide / unhide columns and rows
  • Perform Calculations (Formulas)
  • Format numbers, dates, and text
  • Working with worksheets
  • Use Page Setup to edit page margins, headers, and footers
  • Create and format charts
  • Sort and filter data lists


Introduction and Objectives


Workbook Skills

  • Selecting cells, columns, rows, and  worksheets
  • Entering and editing data


Working with Ranges

  • Selecting adjacent & non-adjacent  ranges
  • Entering values into a range (text,  numbers, dates)
  • Using the AutoFill feature


Formatting Numbers, date, and text

  • Changing cell alignment
  • Merging cells & changing text indent
  • Rotating, wrapping & shrinking text in a cell
  • Creating cell borders
  • Using the Format Painter
  • Inserting & deleting cells
  • Clearing formatting
  • Formatting numbers (Currency, Decimal  places, Comma, and Percent style)


Working with Charts

  • Create, format, edit and label charts
  • Moving and sizing a chart
  • Editing chart data
  • Changing chart type
  • Print chart with and without data
  • Using ‘Recommended Charts’


 Working with Columns & Rows

  • Adjusting column width and row height
  • Inserting, deleting & adjusting columns and rows


Creating and Editing Formulas

  • How to start and finish writing a formula
  • Entering and editing formulas using multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction
  • Copying formulas
  • Order of calculation
  • Entering a formula as an absolute cell reference to Fix a cell reference


Working with Excel Functions

  • Entering basic Excel functions (e.g. Sum, Average, Max, Min and Counta)
  • The Function Library (To see a list of all functions)
  • Using the Auto-Calculate feature on the status bar



  • Rename, insert, move, delete, and copy worksheets


Using Page Setup

  • Setting the Orientation and Margins
  • Inserting Headers and Footers


Working with Lists

  • Hiding & unhiding rows and columns
  • Freezing & unfreezing panes
  • Sorting a list
  • Sorting a table by multiple fields
  • Filtering data in a table


 Hints and Tips

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Microsoft Excel Introduction
May 02, 2024
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