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Microsoft Power BI Desktop Intermediate

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Course Aims:

This Microsoft Power BI Desktop Intermediate training course is aimed at anyone looking to use this powerful, flexible, and accessible business intelligence tool to connect with and shape / transform data, build models, use DAX functions, and craft structured report visuals,which can then be shared with users.

Course Pre-requisites

Delegates should have attended the Introduction course or have previously use Power Bi and created and formatted Report Visuals.

Course Objectives:

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Import data into Power BI using Excel and CSV files
  • Transform Data in Power Query Editor
  • Working with themes
  • Create relationships between the tables
  • Create Formulas using DAX Functions
  • Build Report Visuals

Course Content:

Importing Data Sources

  • Excel and CSV


Power BI Query Editor (PQE)

  • Explain the PQE Interface
  • Extract and Load data
  • Shape and Transform Data e.g. Rename, Reorder and Remove columns
  • Change Data Types
  • Remove and Filter Rows
  • Merge Columns
  • Replacing values
  • Formatting text e.g. Uppercase,Lowercase and First letter Capital
  • Remove and replace top row
  • Applied Steps (Delete)


Data Modelling

  • Creating, editing  and detecting relationships
  • One to Many relationships



  • What is a Theme?
  • How to edit and save themes
  • How to reuse saved themes

Power BI Visualisations

  • Adding visuals to Report Canvas e.g.,Slicer, Multi Card, KPI, Matrix, Gauge, Map, Q&A
  • Use Small Multiples on Visuals
  • Use of Hierarchies
  • Adding further analysis to the Visual

Introducing Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

  • Create Formulas using Calculated columns and Measures e.g.
  • Aggregation and iteration Functions (SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX, AVERAGE, COUNTROWS, DISTINCTCOUNT)
  • Logical Functions (IF, NESTED IFS)
  • Filter Functions (CALCULATE)
  • Math and Trig Functions (DIVIDE, FORMAT)
  • Date Functions (TODAY, WEEKDAY)
  • Zoom in / out of calculations
  • Adding comments to calculations
  • Indenting calculations


Advanced Conditional Formatting

  • Applying and Editing Conditional Formatting rules to visuals
  • Applying and removing Data bars

 Working with Report Pages

  • Working with buttons and Page Navigation

Hints and Tips

  • Working with Bookmarks
  • Applying Data Category properties to columns
  • Synchronize Slicers

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Microsoft Power BI Desktop Intermediate
Jun 28, 2024
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