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Empowering Leadership through Effective Coaching

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Empowering leadership through effective coaching is a skillful approach where leaders and managers engage in one-on-one conversations with team members, referred to as "coachees," to explore work-related issues and ideas. This course centers on the coachee's individual needs, fostering an environment where they can discover their own path to success.

This program aims to equip participants with the tools to understand their role as a coach and facilitate the growth of their team members, emphasising the profound impact coaching can have on individual development.


This program is designed for individuals in management roles responsible for motivating and nurturing the potential of their teams. It offers both practical and interactive elements to develop the necessary skills for guiding others toward realizing their capabilities.


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate between coaching, mentoring, counseling, and training.
  • Apply effective feedback techniques in coaching.
  • Recognize the benefits of effective coaching in enhancing performance and motivation.
  • Utilize and apply effective coaching techniques.
  • Develop clear objectives and action plans.
  • Gain insights into the psychology of coaching.
  • Evaluate their effectiveness as a coach.


Module 1: Introduction and Course Overview

  • Exploring Coaching
  • Distinguishing Coaching from Other Approaches
  • Uncovering the Advantages of Coaching

Module 2: The Coach's Role

  • Identifying Qualities of an Effective Coach
  • Enhancing Relationship Management using the Johari Window

Module 3: Mastering Coaching Skills

  • Practicing Active Listening
  • Effective Questioning Techniques
  • Developing Observational Skills
  • Delivering Motivational and Developmental Feedback
  • Crafting SMART Objectives

Module 4: Models of Coaching

  • Understanding Different Coaching Methods and Styles
  • Delving into the Psychology of Coaching
  • KASH Model - Knowing When to Coach
  • GROW Model - Structuring Coaching Sessions

Module 5: Real-time Coaching Practice

  • Wheel of Work: Applying Coaching Techniques in Real Scenarios

Module 6: Action Planning

  • Reflecting on Course Learning
  • Crafting Personal Action Plans

Module 7: Course Conclusion and Review

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Empowering Leadership through Effective Coaching
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