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From Classroom to Consultancy: Your Options in Training Delivery

Embark on a learning adventure with ExperTrain® as we guide you through a range of training delivery formats, each offering a unique pathway to personal and professional development.

Virtual Public Schedule Events

Virtual Public schedule events, also referred to as open enrolment courses, enables individuals and small groups to access high-quality training programmes. Instructor-led courses are delivered virtually on specific dates and participants from various organisations enrol to attend these courses.

Onsite Training

Tailored onsite training solutions designed to meet your team's needs and boost organisational learning and development.

Virtual Private Training

Virtual private training is conducted online in a real-time, interactive format, allowing participants from the same organisation to join from anywhere.

One-to-One Training

One-to-one training provides personalised instruction, focusing entirely on the individual's learning needs.


Our floorwalking training delivers personalised, on-the-job coaching to employees, enhancing their skills in real time.

Drop-in Sessions

Experience flexible learning with our drop-in sessions, providing on-demand support and training when you need it.


Consultancy involves experts providing advice, guidance, and recommendations to address specific challenges or opportunities within an organisation. It is a highly specialised and targeted approach to training and development.

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