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Insights Discovery

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Insights Discovery is a psychometric tool rooted in the principles of Carl G Jung's personality research. This course helps individuals analyze their preferences in workplace interactions, fostering self-awareness to enhance their understanding of how they impact and are impacted by others. Insights offers a comprehensive support system and mapping tool, adaptable to individual needs. The foundational chapter is the starting point, with the option to include a Management Chapter for managers to explore their management style and their team's needs.


This program is designed for those seeking to unravel the elements of success, starting with self-awareness, followed by an understanding of others. Participants will apply this knowledge to manage their relationships with customers, colleagues, friends, and family. Each participant will complete a 25-frame pre-workshop evaluation, receiving a personalized profile to decipher their personal style's implications in personal and professional contexts, which will be discussed during the session.


Upon completing this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Gain deeper insights into their personal style, strengths, potential weaknesses, value to their team, communication style, blind spots, and recommendations for development.
  • Comprehend the simplified color system illustrating the model.
  • Utilize constructive, affirming language that encourages a 'I'm OK, you're OK' perspective.
  • Enhance interpersonal skills to boost performance and cultivate a more positive, productive organizational culture.


1. Introduction to Insights and Course Objectives

2. Perception: Understanding Differing Perspectives

  • Perception vs. Reality
  • The Ladder of Inference

3. The Four Colour Energies

  • Examining the Colors in the Wheel
  • Identifying Good Day/Bad Day Energies
  • Applying Color Energies in the Workplace

4. Attitudinal Functions

  • Exploring Jung's Attitudinal Functions
  • Identifying Energy Sources (Extraversion or Introversion preferences)
  • Evaluating Thinking or Feeling Preferences (Head or Heart)
  • Analysing Information Processing Styles (Big Picture or Detail-Oriented)

5. Exploring Your Personal Profile

  • Discovering Your Unique Insights Discovery Wheel Type
  • Unveiling the Energies You Contribute in the Workplace
  • Profile Summary: Strengths, Potential Weaknesses, Blind Spots, and Development Recommendations

6. Taking Action

  • Reflecting on Self-Discoveries
  • Choosing Three Development Areas to Focus On

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Insights Discovery
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