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One-to-One Training

A woman providing one to one training to another member of staff

One-to-one training is a highly personalised approach that focuses on an individual's unique learning needs. In this format, a dedicated trainer works closely with a single learner to provide targeted instruction and guidance.


Benefits of One-to-One Training


Tailored Learning

One-to-one training allows for complete customisation. The content, pace, and focus of the training can be adjusted to match the learner's specific requirements, ensuring maximum effectiveness. This personalised approach ensures that the learner's unique strengths and weaknesses are addressed.



With undivided attention from the trainer,learners can make rapid progress and achieve their goals more efficiently.There are no distractions from other participants, and the training can be highly focused on the learner's objectives.



Some training needs may be sensitive or private. One-to-one training offers a discreet environment where individuals can address personal or confidential learning requirements without the fear of judgment or exposure to colleagues.


Immediate Feedback

One-to-one training provides learners with immediate feedback and correction. This instant feedback loop can accelerate the learning process and help individuals master skills or concepts more quickly.


Flexible Scheduling

One-to-one training can often accommodate flexible scheduling, allowing learners to choose training times that align with their availability and preferences. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for busy professionals.


Focus on Specific Goals

One-to-one training is ideal for individuals with very specific learning goals, whether it's mastering a new software programme, improving communication skills, or preparing for a certification exam. The training can be laser-focused on achieving these objectives.


One-to-one training is a premium option for individuals seeking personalised and intensive learning experiences. It is particularly valuable when precise skills or knowledge acquisition is required to excel in a specific role or industry.

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