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Handling Difficult Conversations

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Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and understand the characteristics of challenging individuals.
  • Evaluate and enhance their own interpersonal skills.
  • Acquire techniques for recognizing and influencing behavior, both in themselves and others.
  • Develop the ability to maintain composure in challenging situations.
  • Recognise how personal matters can impact job performance.
  • Learn effective strategies for reducing conflicts.


1. Introduction and Course Objectives

2. Understanding Challenging Behaviour

  • Recognising and Dealing with "Difficult" Individuals
  • Exploring the Factors Behind Challenging Behaviour
  • Fundamentals of Handling Conflict

3. Identifying Aggressive Behavioral Patterns

  • Differentiating Levels of Aggression
  • Investigating Primary Causes of Aggression
  • Exploring Various Personality Types

4. Effective Communication Techniques

  • Building Confidence in Communication
  • Maintaining Composure in Stressful Situations
  • Demonstrating Professionalism in Conversations

5. Essential Skills for Managing Conflict

  • Enhancing Listening and Questioning Skills
  • Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback
  • Developing Assertiveness Strategies
  • Negotiating Realistic Solutions
  • Understanding Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

6. A Systematic Approach to Behavior Change

  • Step-by-Step Techniques for Behaviour Modification
  • Strategies for Remaining Calm in Challenging Situations
  • Constructive Confrontation Techniques
  • Motivating Team Members

7. Taking Responsibility for Handling Difficult Situations

  • Anticipating and Preventing Challenging Scenarios
  • Achieving Positive Conflict Resolution
  • Creating a Problem-Solving Checklist

8. Action Planning

9. Course Review and Conclusion

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Handling Difficult Conversations
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