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Floorwalking is an on-the-job training method where trainers are physically present in the workplace to provide immediate assistance and guidance to employees as they perform their tasks.


Benefits of Floorwalking


Real-time Support

Floorwalking ensures that employees receive help precisely when they need it most. Trainers can address questions, provide guidance, and troubleshoot issues as they arise, minimising downtime and reducing frustration among employees.



By having an expert on-site to assist with tasks, employees can work more efficiently and effectively. This can lead to improved job performance and reduced errors, ultimately saving time and resources for the organisation.


Hands-On Learning

Floorwalking offers practical, hands-on training opportunities. Employees can learn by doing, which is often the most effective way to acquire new skills and knowledge. It allows employees to apply what they've learned immediately, reinforcing the training.


Customised Feedback

Trainers can provide immediate and personalised feedback to employees. This feedback is specific to the tasks and challenges employees encounter, allowing for targeted improvement.



Floorwalking can be adapted to various industries and roles. Whether it's in a manufacturing facility, an office setting, or a retail environment, having a trainer on the floor can enhance the learning experience.


Reduced Learning Curve

New employees, in particular, benefit from floorwalking as it accelerates their learning curve. They can quickly become proficient in their roles with the guidance of experienced trainers.


Fosters a Learning Culture

When employees see that their organisation invests in on-the-job training, it fosters a culture of continuous learning. Employees are more likely to take initiative in seeking help and improving their skills.


Floorwalking is particularly valuable for organisations that rely on employees' practical skills and need to ensure consistent quality and performance. It bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application, resulting in more competent and confident employees.

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