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Virtual Public Schedule Events

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Public schedule events, often referred to as open enrolment courses, is a widely used method for individuals and small groups to access high-quality training programmes. We schedule courses on specific dates and participants from various organisations enrol to attend these courses.


Benefits of Public Schedule Training:


Cost-Effective Learning

Public schedule training can be a cost-effective solution if only a few individuals from an organisation need to attend a particular course, compared to arranging a private training event.


Networking Opportunities

One of the major advantages of this format is the opportunity for participants to interact with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Attendees can exchange ideas, experiences, and industry insights, enriching their learning experience. Networking can lead to valuable professional connections and collaborations.


Diverse Learning

Public schedule courses cover a wide range of topics, allowing participants to choose programmes that align with their specific needs and interests. This diversity ensures that learners can acquire a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge.


Structured Curriculum

Public schedule training typically follows a well-structured curriculum developed by experts in the field. This ensures that participants receive comprehensive and up-to-date content that meets industry standards.



These courses are delivered online, making them accessible to a wide audience. Participants can attend a course from home or the office, reducing travel time and expenses.

For more information on our virtual public scheduled events, contact us on and we will be more than happy to help.

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