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Finance for Sales Professionals

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Course Aims:

The "Finance for Sales Professionals" one-day course aims to provide sales professionals with the essential financial knowledge and skills necessary to navigate financial aspects of sales, effectively communicate the value of products or services in financial terms, and contribute to achieving sales targets within their organisations.

Course Pre-requisites:

Participants should have a basic understanding of sales and business operations. No prior financial knowledge is required.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1. Comprehend fundamental financial concepts relevant to sales and revenue generation.

2. Communicate the financial benefits and ROI of products or services to clients.

3. Analyze customer financial data to tailor sales strategies.

4. Recognize and address financial objections and concerns from clients.

5. Collaborate effectively with finance teams to optimize sales processes.

Course Content:

Module 1: Introduction to Finance for Sales Professionals

- Exploring the intersection of finance and sales

- Key financial terminology and principles for sales

Module 2: Communicating Value in Financial Terms

- Converting product features into financial benefits

- Calculating and presenting Return on Investment (ROI)

Module 3: Analyzing Customer Financial Data

- Understanding financial statements and credit reports

- Using financial data to customize sales approaches

Module 4: Overcoming Financial Objections

- Identifying common financial objections from clients

- Techniques for addressing objections and building trust

Module 5: Collaboration with Finance Teams

- Effective communication with finance departments

- Leveraging financial insights for sales strategy optimization

Module 6: Case Studies and Practical Exercises

- Real-world sales scenarios with financial aspects

- Hands-on exercises in value-based selling and financial communication

- Group discussions and role-playing activities

Module 7: Course Wrap-Up and Next Steps

- Review of key takeaways

- Development of a personalized action plan for applying financial knowledge in sales roles

- Access to supplementary resources for ongoing learning

Public Schedule

Our price:  

Virtual Private Training

Up to 6 delegates - £1,995 per day

Up to 8 delegates - £2,195 per day

Onsite Training

Up to 6 delegates - £1,995 per day*

Up to 8 delegates - £2,195 per day*

Up to 10 delegates - £2,395 per day*

* Plus trainer travel expenses


All prices exclude VAT at 20%.

VAT registration number: 450 4347 14

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Finance for Sales Professionals
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