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Microsoft Outlook Level 2

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The aim of this 1-day Microsoft Outlook Level 2 course is to build upon the foundational skills acquired in the Level 1 course. Participants will dive deeper into the features and capabilities of Microsoft Outlook, enabling them to become proficient in email management, advanced calendar scheduling, task automation, and efficient communication.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

Master advanced email management techniques.

Utilise advanced calendar features for complex scheduling.

Automate repetitive tasks and processes.

Collaborate and communicate effectively using Outlook.

Enhance overall productivity and organization.


This course is designed for individuals who have completed the Microsoft Outlook Level 1 course or have a basic understanding of Outlook's fundamental features. It is suitable for:

  • Office professionals and managers
  • Administrative assistants and executive assistants
  • Anyone looking to take their Outlook skills to an advanced level


Module 1: Advanced Email Management

  • Creating and managing email signatures
  • Organizing and searching for emails with precision
  • Using advanced email rules and filters
  • Working with email templates and Quick Parts

Module 2: Advanced Calendar Management

  • Customising calendar views and settings
  • Managing delegate access and permissions
  • Scheduling recurring appointments and meetings
  • Tracking meeting responses and attendance

Module 3: Task Automation

  • Automating common tasks with Quick Steps
  • Creating and managing rules for automated email and task management
  • Using advanced task and to-do list features
  • Integrating tasks with the calendar

Module 4: Collaborative Features

  • Sharing and managing calendars and folders
  • Collaborating on emails and documents with OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Tracking and managing team projects with Outlook
  • Setting up and using Microsoft Teams for real-time communication

Module 5: Data Management and Backup

  • Archiving and backing up email data
  • Importing and exporting data from Outlook
  • Managing mailbox size and storage
  • Recovering deleted items and folders

Module 6: Mobile and Web Outlook

  • Synchronising Outlook with mobile devices
  • Using the Outlook Web App for remote access
  • Integrating Outlook with other productivity apps and services
  • Tips for managing email on the go

Module 7: Tips and Tricks for Efficiency

  • Keyboard shortcuts and advanced time-saving techniques
  • Strategies for managing a clutter-free inbox
  • Best practices for email etiquette and communication

Module 8: Q&A and Course Review

  • Open forum for questions and clarifications
  • Review of key concepts and skills learned

By the end of this 1-day Microsoft Outlook Level 2 course, participants will have acquired advanced skills and knowledge to harness the full potential of Microsoft Outlook. They will be able to manage email, calendars, and tasks efficiently, automate repetitive processes, collaborate effectively, and improve their overall productivity.

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Microsoft Outlook Level 2
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